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Digestive Health
Feel great with a healthy gut

If you’re looking for a holistic digestive health clinic in San Diego, the team at Manifest Health & Wellness can help you get to the root of your digestive problems, so you can feel great with a healthy gut. We help alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of complaints, including:

The Functional Medicine "5 R" approach to Gut Health
The Functional Medicine “5 R” approach to Gut Health include remove, restore, repair, reinoculate, relax.
Digestive Health Clinic in San Diego
1. Remove

The first R stands for Removing all foods that contribute to a negative effect on the body. This includes eliminating processed foods, “food-like” products, chemical filled products and those that contribute to harmful bacteria, yeast and a myriad of food sensitivity symptoms. 

Digestive Health Clinic in San Diego
2. Restore

The second R stands for Restoring what is lacking in your system. We’ll create a customized plan to help you get the nutrients you need to thrive. Creating and supporting a healthy internal environment will be critical to restoring balance in your gut, detox properly and buffer the surge of free radicals as the body starts detoxing.

Digestive Health Clinic in San Diego
3. Repair

The third R stands for your body’s innate ability to Repairing itself. We’ll focus on healing the gut lining and supplementing with essentials minerals and nutrients to support this process, and repair cells and linings. Our goal is to empower the body to reach its full healing potential.

Digestive Health Clinic in San Diego
4. Reinoculate

The fourth R stands for Reinoculating the good bacteria in your gut. The bacteria in your gut have far-reaching consequences well beyond where they live in your body. They feed on whatever you feed yourself. When the good bacteria are fueled by a natural, well-balanced diet, with prebiotic and probiotics, they thrive and combat gut-dysbiosis, which is a major contributor to hyperpermeability, or leaky gut, which is at the very root of many of today’s chronic diseases.

Digestive Health Clinic in San Diego
5. Relax
The fifth R stands for Relax, which is an important component of our mind-body medicine approach. We’ll help you discover the tools and activities that will hep you activate your Parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) nervous system through the many tools treatments and resources that we provide.

Digestive Health Clinic in San Diego