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Our Team

our team

Dr. Kolin Durrant DACM, L.Ac.
My journey through graduate school took eight years. I worked full time at a non-profit through school, and worked a second job as the Nutraceutical Representative on campus for two prestigious nutraceutical companies Emerson Ecologics, and then Apex Energetics. I’m also a proud father of two children and two grandchildren.
our team
A couple of years into my Doctorate program I had a health crisis. I ended up in the ER twice in a 10 month period. I went to many types of doctors and energy healers. I was experiencing what Western medicine deemed to be ‘panic attacks’, except they would sometimes last days at a time, leaving me unable to be a father, a student, or a diligent employee. This diagnosis didn’t feel correct and felt there was something else, something more to it.
Working with an instructor at school, I finally asked for an antibody test to look for Hashimotos. I had a diagnosis 48 hours later. I later discovered that other extended family members had thyroid issues. I immediately set to making dietary changes, which improved my symptoms by 80%.
During this time I was working with Apex Energetics and I took full advantage of the opportunity to attend each of their Functional Medicine Programs to educate myself and better understand how to heal myself and the patients that I would see in my practice. I had the honor of learning from some of the most renowned doctors on the topic and took a deep dive into the nuances and complexity of the human body. I came to understand autoimmunity in a whole new light. I learned that lab tests are instrumental in understanding internal physiology and how to bring the body back into balance through Nutraceuticals, supplementation, and diet/nutrition.
I didn’t realize that my doctorate program would result in me specializing in immunity, autoimmunity, and functional medicine. Eastern practices meet Western methodology as I utilize optimal practices of both. I’m blessed to be on this path, through synchronicities, finding the right information that made a difference. I’m honored to carry my expertise, knowledge, and compassion forward to target the source of imbalances, address it, empower my patients to manifest greater health and wellness, and improve their quality of life.
I graduated with honors, received my Masters and Doctorate, and then got licensed both in CA and Nationally all while concurrently maintaining my position with the non-profit I work for that supports education and networking for attorneys in Southern California.
As I was in the latter half of my graduate program, I feel as if I earned a concurrent specialization in Functional Medicine. I’ve had the privilege of learning Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s material by attending ten of Apex Energetics Functional Medicine Programs.
I’m honored to have learned from Dr. Kharrazian who is a Harvard Medical School trained and award-winning clinical research scientist, academic professor, and world-renowned functional medicine health care provider. He develops evidence-based models to treat autoimmune, neurological, and unidentified chronic diseases with non-pharmaceutical applications.
Melissa Kress, MBA, MPNLP, CCTh

Melissa is an integral part of our team and has over a decade of coaching expertise with a passion for helping people navigate lifestyle changes. She offers awareness to dynamics and patterns to bring wellness into sharper focus by providing support and practical tools to achieve targeted outcomes. She is a Change Agent, known for her ability to cut to the heart of the matter. Be Free to Manifest!

our team
As a Holistic Health Professional, she holds several certifications: Master NLP Practitioner and Coach, Master Hypnotist, and Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has a background in Reiki Energy Medicine, Meditation, Human Design, Massage, ZenTouch, and BodyWisdom techniques and expertly weaves this knowledge with many other modalities to facilitate change. Many of the trainings she attended were to address and heal her own traumas and subsequent patterns and behaviors to become the clearest conduit possible when working with clients.
Melissa spent her childhood summers in the Midwest along the banks of the Cedar River riding horses and working the land. Through the spirit of comradery, she magically discovered the instant healing power of deep, heart-connected ‘hugs’ during horse camp. Melissa also grew up with a strong Native American influence and has a deep affinity and respect for nature, and the dynamic role between the earth and all her inhabitants, instilling a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the necessity of balance.
She holds a standard of excellence having served in the Armed Forces to earn her way through college. In the field of munitions, she received a secret clearance and graduated basic training with special recognition as the top-scoring Expert Marksman in her Battalion. She also earned her Airborne Wings while stationed at Fort Benning. Upon her Honorable Discharge, she was awarded a Good Conduct Medal and Army Commendation Medal.
Melissa is also an accomplished executive and entrepreneur; she graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology and holds a Master’s in Business Administration. She successfully integrates the healing arts, business, and spirituality through holistic principles. Her mission is to educate, guide, and facilitate a greater sense of mindfulness and personal empowerment.
We live in a world racing towards a future where now, more than ever in human history, the power of the mind and the human spirit are becoming unveiled like never before. By harnessing the mind-body connection, every being is capable of overcoming fear, pain, trauma, undeniable odds, negative thoughts, bad habits, and self-sabotage. Tap into your intrinsic fortitude and leverage strategies and processes to manifest mindfully.

“Together our team will assess your unique road map, and navigate the terrain together to activate your potential.” ~ Melissa Kress